Our Menu

Everything is available to eat in or take away.


Find out which are our Gluten free items

Breakfast Choices

served to 11.30 am and all day Sunday

• “Blue label” bacon or Sausage Flaguette | £3.95

• Prime cut bacon and premium pork sausage flaguette | £4.35

• White or brown toast with jam and butter | £2.45

• Hot Belgian butter waffle with maple syrup | £2.75

• Toasted teacake with jam and butter | £2.50

• Heinz baked beans on 2 slices of toast | £4.20

• Cheesy beans on toast; cheddar and Galbani | £4.50

• Double chocolate or blueberry muffin | £2.50

Main Dishes

including baked potatoes

• High quality, tasty soup of the day | £3.95

• Piazza Scouse with crusty bread and beetroot or red cabbage | £9.45

• Home-made cottage pie with crusty bread and beetroot or cabbage | £8.45

• Roast pork loin on a flagette with sage and onion stuffing and apple sauce | £7.95

• Apricot and goats cheese nut roast with a full selection of salads | £8.95

• Fresh baked salmon fillet with sweet chilli sauce, coriander and chives and a full selection of salads | £8.95

• Gourmet sausage roll with a full selection of salads | £8.45

• Piazza self-selection salad plate | £6.25

• Lancashire caramelised onion and apple soufflé with a full selection of salads | £8.95

• Quiche of the day with a full selection of salads | £8.45

• Cauliflower cheese pastry tart with a full selection of salads | £8.95

Baked potatoes

• Tuna mayo, roasted vegetable, chicken tikka or duo of cheeses | £5.20 or £7.95 with a selection of salads

• Heinz beans, home-made coleslaw and butter | £5.20 or £7.25 with a selection of salads

Sizzling Paninis

with a salad garnish, crisps and coleslaw

£7.95 with a salad garnish, crisps and coleslaw or £6.50 for a Panini only

Meatball melt: Swiss meatballs, cheddar cheese, mustard pickle and fresh tomato

Piazza Special: Roast ham, tomato, mozzarella and pesto

Cuban: Chorizo, roast pork, peppers and salsa

Farmhouse: Roast chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese and mango chutney

Roast veggie: Brie and roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Tuna melt: Tuna mayo, cheese duo and herbs

Piazza Mega Chip Butty: A BIG portion of chunky potato fries on crusty bread-and-butter served on a platter with ketchup, mayo, brown sauce, rock salt and vinegar | £6.45


We have a full range of coffees brewed with our top quality fair trade coffee and a wide range of teas.

There’s an excellent range of high quality soft drinks, fresh squeezed orange juice, mineral waters as well as beers, lagers, spirits and wines at very competitive prices.

Filter, Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Chai Latte spiced & Mocha.

Hot Chocolate

Tea & specialities
Pot of tea (decaf available)

Spiced Chai, Chai, Earl grey, green, chamomile, Chile, ginger, cinnamon spice, peppermint, summerberry, red bush, English, Irish, Welsh, Yorkshire and sweet chilli.


Cakes and puddings

A constantly changing range of home-made cakes and puddings and delicious home-made scones with jam and butter – and we always have gluten-free options available…
from £2.25

Gluten free items include:

Our Scouse, cottage pies, salmon fillet, jacket potatoes (all except the Swedish meatball).
We usually have gluten-free bread available so we can also provide the Panini and chip butties gluten-free (but if you’re used to gluten-free you’ll know the bread doesn’t work quite as well as the real thing!)

Most of our soups are gluten-free.

We also have a range of tray-bake cakes, brownies, giant macaroons, cakes and often gluten-free cheesecake.

We also stock gluten-free beer: Corona & Daura Damm